Peter Galasso
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Peter Galasso’s love for music began at 7 years old when his mother recorded him singing an Italian novelty song, "Eh Cumpari", made famous by then chart-topper, Julius LaRosa. At about the same time he would steal into his father’s closet and secretly play the old man’s mandolin. Not surprisingly, this is when Peter’s love of film scores began. The first tune he picked out by ear was the half-tone melody of “The Third Man Theme”, written by Anton Karas for Carol Reed’s 1949 film, “The Third Man”, starring Orson Wells.

It was a short leap from mandolin to self-taught guitar. Then came piano and tenor sax and gigging in bands too numerous to mention, playing rock and roll, jazz, classical, and country rock in bars, coffee houses and colleges in New Jersey, Manhattan, Long Island, New England and Upstate New York. With the advent of midi in the early 1980’s, Peter’s dreams truly began to materialize. He could now write multi part scores and play them back via computer. His passion for marrying music to visual images grows stronger every day!

Peter is also a painter of abstract art. You can view a few samples of his work by clicking on the "Photos" button. More paintings will be added "As Time Goes By"....